Candle Care


To assure that GeoCandles reveal all their potential, please note the following safety tips:

Candle Placement
Even drip-resistant candles drip or smoke in drafts. Position candles in quiet places, away from drafts and traffic areas with air movement. Only reposition extinguished candles when the wax has hardened. Do not move lit candles. Always position candles on flame-resistant surfaces. Completely drip-free candles can never be guaranteed. Avoid positioning burning candles closely together.  A minimum of 4” should separate lit candles. Never position a candle near a stove, radiator or chimney. Burning candles are a fire danger that must be supervised and never left unattended.

Wax Removal
Wax residue is easier to remove after the item with candle wax has been placed in the freezer for an hour. Wax can be removed from cloth by ironing the wax onto absorbent paper using a temperature appropriate for the material. Wax on furniture can be removed by warming it with a hair-drier and soaking up wax as it liquifies with a paper towel. Clean afterwards with water diluted with vinegar.

To minimize smoke from a flickering flame, shorten the wick with scissors. Wicks 3/8" and 5/8" long burn best. To prime burning wick for the next lighting, dip flame into the burning candle’s liquid wax and lift it out again. If a candle starts to burn on one side, carefully bend the burning wick sideways. Never bend or break a wick that has hardened.

Extend Burn Time
Candles burn longer that have been in the freezer for a short time. Extinguish candles that drip and relight after the wax hardens. Keep the liquid wax pool clean: no matches, burned wick, etc.